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For the new millenia — February 7, 2016

For the new millenia

Another old poem because I have school and poor time management. I felt that this was a little weaker than my previous one, but it’s the kind of thing that I would study in Lit (excluding the gay subtext), so I guess it passes. Anyhow, enjoy!

This is for the kids who
Got their first phone at the age of five
This is for the kids who
Have had one with them all their lives
This is for the kids who
Have never seen a Nokia
This is for the kids who
Hide their illnesses and phobias
This is for the kids who
Have parentheses for smiles
This is for the kids who
Use apps to count the miles

Between them and their friend
The web’s a means to an end
And the love they knew they’d have one day
Is living a million miles away
Whether they love boys or girls
They’re not afraid to tell the world
But tell their own family?
Tbh, I’d rather keep my love to me.

Warhol — January 30, 2016


I thought I should finally post something considering this blog’s been inactive for ages. So I pulled up one of my old poems and edited a line or two. Sounds much better now, and I’ve got another one queued. School’s back in session so I’m not sure when I’ll be able to write a full article but this will just have to do for now.

I was sitting in a restaurant
And you were walking down the street.
I know it’s highly unlikely
That we will ever get to meet.
But you had on a Warhol shirt
And I had studied him in art.
So when you walked past in that shirt
We had connected from the start.
I don’t even know your name or
Why fate led you to walk past me.
And you don’t know that I’m writing
A poem about you currently.
All I can think about is that
Maybe you could have been my friend.
We could have discussed Marilyn
And shared laughter for hours on end.
As I am leaving the restaurant
You are probably far away.
And I am left here just to think
That perhaps one fine day we may
Meet somewhere not far from here
Though you may make my spirits low
When I find that you bought the shirt
But not one Warhol work you know.