I thought I should finally post something considering this blog’s been inactive for ages. So I pulled up one of my old poems and edited a line or two. Sounds much better now, and I’ve got another one queued. School’s back in session so I’m not sure when I’ll be able to write a full article but this will just have to do for now.

I was sitting in a restaurant
And you were walking down the street.
I know it’s highly unlikely
That we will ever get to meet.
But you had on a Warhol shirt
And I had studied him in art.
So when you walked past in that shirt
We had connected from the start.
I don’t even know your name or
Why fate led you to walk past me.
And you don’t know that I’m writing
A poem about you currently.
All I can think about is that
Maybe you could have been my friend.
We could have discussed Marilyn
And shared laughter for hours on end.
As I am leaving the restaurant
You are probably far away.
And I am left here just to think
That perhaps one fine day we may
Meet somewhere not far from here
Though you may make my spirits low
When I find that you bought the shirt
But not one Warhol work you know.